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Georgina Paintball - The Best Outdoor Paintball Field in the GTA

Georgina Paintball - The Best Paintball Field in the GTA

For over 13 years Georgina Paintball has provided safe, fun and affordable outdoor adventure. With extensive infrastructure investment we now offer an extensive Pro Shop, Snack Bar, Washroom and Change room facilities and 25 acres of heart thumping paintball adventure.


EIGHT AWESOME FIELDS across 25 acres of medium and dense bush.

• Hyperball and X Ball - Fast paced speedball action
• Nuke Town - Battle it out just like in Call of Duty Black Ops!

• Tire Field - Giant tire stacks 10 feet tall provide lots of quick shooting action 

• Tombstone - Fight it out like the gunslingers of old in a Western town

• Firebase - Vietnam era sandbagged bunkers complete with guard towers

• RAMPAGE - Close quarter action with Center Flag action
• Intermodal City - Two storey buildings, crashed planes and burnt out army trucks


Our Birthday parties, Summer Camp program, and world class speedball field have made Georgina Paintball the most respected field in the business.

Only an hour from Toronto!
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