Canadian Infection is Back, on July 13th Georgina Paintball will be hosting a full Field event that will run from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Advanced registration will get you instant Savings.


Scenario 1: The infected are in the woods and are eating all the wildlife and have infected a couple of locals. The hunters must find them and taken them out as fast as they can before they spread. But be careful they can infect you very easily. Make sure to bring lots of antidotes and stay close to the immune!!

Scenario 2: After the initial hunt we have lost too many soldiers and must make it to a safe place and hold it off. After intermodal city is secure we must push them out of Firebase and back to tombstone where they can be contained and die off! We must be careful of our attack because they could push us back and take us out one by one. Some of us may be immune but that doesn’t mean we are invincible. So do not let them push us back to Nuke town or our civilization will be gone!

Advanced Registration: $30 (includes rental gear and Play All Day Pass)
Registered Paint: $70/2000 Paintballs

Day of Event Prices:
Admission: $40
2000 Paintballs: $100

Hot dogs and hamburgers will be available to purchase at the event!

Gates open at 9:30am. Safety and scenario brief starts at 10:00am. Scenario ends at 1630, field open afterwards for additional play. Markers subject to chrono at any time! Failure to follow rules and regulations may result in expulsion without refund! No alcohol, smoking in designated areas. Props, replica weapons and use of smoke grenades subject to field approval. FIELD PAINT ONLY!!



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