Special Events

Kids MUST Be 10 Years or Older To Play Paintball 

Essential Information:

Where: Georgina Paintball 25579 Weir’s Sideroad (Pefferlaw) Georgina Ontario L0E 1N0

When: Sunday October 29th 2017

Who: Open to all paintball players age 10 yrs. or older. Equipment owners and renters welcome. Special characters will include Generals, Medics, and Engineers.

What: Six hour non-stop event with two teams attacking and defending each other’s bases with both teams trying to seize and control the most territory within the boundaries of the field.

Format: All fields of Georgina Paintball will be in play. Classic Capture the Enemy Base format. Each team will start at a home base, and have a respawn location. Teams gain points by capturing and holding additional locations, accomplishing missions, and capturing the enemy base. Players respawn as required or can opt to call for a medic.

The Scenario...

Annual Halloween Good vs. Evil Big Game.

Player Prizes & Pumpkin Shoot Up


The Area of Operations (AO) is mixed density deciduous forest with four pockets of built up areas of wooden frame construction buildings of one and two stories.There is a main road that connects all built up areas, as well as a network of foot trails.


Late October weather average high temperature is 13°C average low is 3.9°C with moderate chances of precipitation.


There are dark days in Georgina, as an inter-dimensional portal has opened allowing the Devil’s General, the Pumpkin King to wreak havoc in the world of the humans. The Pumpkin King’s Army (PKA) are dark creatures recognised by their bright orange markings. They are armed with paintball markers that fire semi-automatically. Some carry smoke, and some carry paint grenades. The PKA fight in small squads, in pairs or even as individuals. PKA soldiers are eliminated by normal body or weapon shots, while the Pumpkin King can only die by head shot.



The 1st Georgina Infantry is a Rapid Reaction Force assembled by local residents and concerned citizen volunteers. Under the command of Colonel Belvedere, the 1st GI are armed with a variety of paintball markers, nerf vortex rocket launchers, paint grenades and smoke grenades. The 1st GI fight in squads, in pairs or even as individuals.


The 1st Georgina Infantry will deny the destroy the PKA and deny access to all bases within the AO no later than (NLT) 1600 hrs local time 29 October 2017.



a. Teams assemble in their bases and are given 20 minutes to introduce themselves to their teammates, set up their Headquarters, establish radio comms, codewords and passwords, set up perimeters, lay notional minefields, plan attacks and defensive strategies.


b. After 20 minutes the field goes “live” with masks on, barrel sleeves off and full-out play.

c. The first hour of game play will be each team defending their base, scouting the enemy base, and attempting to hold and secure additional territory.

d. After the first hour intelligence broadcasts will be made by Callsign Zero with missions of opportunity (escorting a VIP, ambushing a VIP, locating a device and delivering it to a specific location within a limited time frame, capturing an additional respawn location).