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Kids MUST Be 10 Years or Older To Play Paintball 

1: What is paintball?


A:  Paintball is a sport in which players compete; in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water soluble dye and gelatine shell outside  propelled from a device called a paintball marker (commonly referred to as a paintball gun). Paintballs are composed of a non-toxic, biodegradable, water-soluble . The game is regularly played at a sporting level with organised competition involving major tournaments, professional teams, and players.

2. Is Paintball safe?


A: Statistics shows that paintball is one of the safest sports around. Like all action sports though, following the safety rules is mandatory.  Full-face masks must be worn all times when entering the field. At our field, safety is our #1 concern. All players are provided with the latest safety gear and are given full instructions on safety regulations and game rules. Referees who strictly enforce the rules and keep the play safe supervise all games.

3: Does getting shot with paintball hurt?


A: No. Well, maybe just a little. A paintball is actually made in the same machine that makes bath oil beads, or Advil caplets - so it's a relatively soft shell filled with vegetable oil and food colouring. Shot from a paintball marker at 280 feet per second, when hit, it will sting for a second - about like getting snapped with a towel, or with a rubber band. But with the adrenaline, and excitement, you may not even feel the hit. That why we have refs to help determine if you are "clean" or "out". And depending where you get hit, it can leave a little mark which will go away in a day or so, and by simply wearing the proper clothing, you can minimise or eliminate this.

4. How old do you have to be to play paintball?


A: The minimum age for playing paintball at Georgina Paintball  is 10 years old. All participants under the age of 18 must have parental or guardian consent. You can also have the waiver form signed at home by downloading it off our website and bringing it in with you. You can sign waiver online by clicking fill out waiver button on the top of the page.

5. What kind of equipment do you rent?


A: Our basic rental package includes a Tippmann 98 Custom, Tippmann Rental mask, Coveralls and 100 paintballs and unlimited air.

6. If you have your own equipment & need to rent additional equipment?


A: Coveralls, HPA tank and mask are available for rent at $5 each. We have 8 different sizes of coveralls. Our coveralls size start from XS all the way to 3XL.

7. Do you have any indoor paintball fields?


A: Yes. If you are looking to play indoors in city of Toronto of the city we have Paintball City and Sgt Splatters Paintball. Our sister fields have been open for 20 years, and is Toronto's most successful paintball field. 

8. What extra things should I bring with me?


A: We suggest you to wear comfortable clothing. Our rental package includes coveralls. So, you don’t need to worry about your clothes getting dirty. As a complimentary, we provide gloves too. You can wear an old pair of shoes because it is a paintball game. You wouldn’t want your new shoes to be dirty.

9: How many paintballs will I use?


A: Here's the best analogy we've found.... "How long will a glass of wine last?"

It really depends on the person!

I've seen people have 100 paintballs last for a few hours, and I've seen people go through 100 in less than 15 minutes. It all depends how aggressive, and more over, how wasteful people are. I'll see people repeatedly shooting a bunker, just to watch the paintballs explode. So obviously, if you squeeze the trigger as fast as possible, you can burn through 100 pretty quick. But if you wait, and shoot at people, and not just walls, floors, bunkers, then they can last a lot longer. The over all average in our field is about 250 to 300 paintballs per person, and the average person is here for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. So about 100 an hour is the average.

10: Can I bring my own paintballs?


A: No. This is a field paint only (FPO) facility. Any players found to be using off-field paint will be ask to leave from the field. No exceptions. The bottom line is that if you are having a good time in the field you are playing on, and then you should think of it as a necessary expense that you will just have to live with. The owner has spent hours of his creative energies and money towards creating some great fields that gives the player an action filled day. If you stop and think about it, they do not allow you to bring your own steak into the restaurant and charge a Meat Fee, or your own popcorn into the movie theatre, or your own beer to a bar. To assure a quality product, and a safe environment for all, you must use our paint.

14. Do you have Party Room?


A: No we do not have party room. We are outdoor paintball facility. But we have lots of picnic table in our picnic area.

15. Can i bring my own food?


A: Yes you can bring any food or drinks as you wish. Only thing you are not allow to bring is paintballs.

16. What kind of games will I play?


A: We have a huge collection of games to play. Some of our games are: Attack and Defend, Centre Flag Push, Centre Flag Pull, full Field Elimination, VIP, Attack and Defend Zombies, Medic, King of the Hill, and many more. We have well trained staff who can come up with great games in a flash for your special events.

17. Can I bring my own food and/or beverages?


A: Yes. You can bring your refreshments (non-alcoholic drinks, chips, food) if you need to. We can order pizzas at our pizza partner.We will need at least 45 minutes for the pizza. Therefore, please inform us beforehand when you need the pizza.

19. Do you have a pro-shop on-site?


A: Yes, we do have a pro-shop on-site. We have great selection of paintball equipment.

20. How long are we allowed to play?


A: You are walk-ons or you have reservation. You are allowed to play as much as you wish. Longer you play more money we make on paintball.......So play all long as you wish.

11: What happens when you arrive at Georgina Paintball ?


A: You are required to come 10 minutes in advance. You need to fill out the waiver forms (mandatory) for individual player. You can also bring the filled out waiver forms from home to save time. Waivers forms are available online in a digital form. then after you will be given wrist-bands for each player. Then, you will be given all the equipment (paintball markers, mask, coveralls, and 100 paintballs) and safety briefing will be explained. When the players are ready, they will be taken to the field and we will be playing games.

12: Do we host Birthday Party / Corporate Event / Bachelor Party / Get-Together / Private Party?


A: You may think we are in the paintball business, but really what we do BEST is host the most memorable birthday party/ corporate event/ bachelor party/ get-together/ Private party that you will ever remember! For more information, call 705-437-7878 or e-mail us at

13. How many players do you need to host a Birthday Party / Corporate Party / Bachelor Party / Together / Private Party?


A: Only 10 Players. Yes you read it right. You just need minimum of 10 players to host your Private party.

21. Will we be playing by ourselves?


A: If you are 10 players and have an advance reservation with us, then you will be given private field time. If you do not have any reservation and are just walk-ons then will be mixed into a small group session with other players. You will be allowed to stay together on the same team as your friends, unless of course you prefer to be on opposite sides. The choice is yours.

22: Can I bring and use my own equipment?


A: Yes, but we will inspect your equipment to make sure it meets our safety standards.

1. All goggles must be full-face masks and be unaltered. There can be no cracks in the lenses at all.

2. Paintball markers must be semi-automatic with a trigger guard. We do not allow full auto, double fire trigger systems (double triggers are ok), markers with ramping mode enabled, or burst mode. Any markers with full auto capability must be able to lock it down and not have the ability to quickly switch to full auto while on the field. If there is a question on if your marker can be used here, a Paintball City staff member will make it. The decision of Paintball City staff is final.

3. Barrel socks are required on all paintball markers.

4. All CO2 or High Pressure tanks must be in test date. High-pressure fibre wrap tanks may not have any cracks or fraying and can’t have any stickers, decals or other coverings on them.

5. We do not allow silencers or multiple paintball launchers.

6. Maximum velocity is 240 feet per second (FPS).

If you have any additional questions please do not

hesitate to give us a call at (705) 437-7878

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