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The local police department must stop the Criminals aka the .68 cals. at any means necessary! The police have King Deeps permission to Hire The Bounty Hunters to Stop them!

Game: 1


Sources say a Trailer that is left behind that is full of moonshine, each team will try to retrieve the moonshine, .68cals want it form themselves and to make a profit and the Bounty Hunters are paid to keep it off the streets! Each bottle will be worth 10 dollars, special Green bottles will be worth $25, and jugs of moonshine will be worth $100. Each player will only be able to carry 2 bottles. at a time while special players will be heavies and can carry 3 bottles or 1 jug. (only heavies will be allowed to carry the Jugs) The trick to this game is that you can also steal the moonshine from the others teams cache or the trailer drop!. If you are shot while carrying bottles you must drop them as you are, they may be picked up by other players. At the end of 1.5 hour the bottles will be counted. You are not allowed in the other teams spawn!.68 cals will start out of Gotham and they will need to bring there moonshine to nuke town..The Bounty Hunters start at intermodal and there cache will be in the sand bunker at fire-base.

Game 2-

Turf war

Each team will start at there same locations, the teams are going to try to take over as much of the field as they can so they can hold them back to there spawn! You must have full control of the Area for 5 minutes to claim it and once claimed it can not be taken back unless team that is trying to steal it has more players in it and taken control for 5 minutes! once you have a map under control you can spawn at that field but must wait 4 minutes to spawn at a set location, or spawn instantly at your main spawn! During this The Bounty Hunters must escort a VIP that has important information from Intermodal City to a special location! If the VIP is killed the Bounty Hunters will have a disadvantage in the next game, if the Bounty Hunters successfully bring him without being shot the cops get a leg up for next game!


Game: 3-


The cops must stay in Intermodal City as they must flee. Waiting for the Helicopter to come (20 min) the .68 cals will do there best to come from all angles to stop them! you have only 1 life in this game!



$30= Entry

$30=500 Paintballs

$85=2000 Paintballs

December 22nd 2019

Gates open 8:30am

Game review and safety briefing starts at 10-1030

Heist- 1030-12

Lunch- 12-1

Game 2 review 1-130

Turf War-130 -3

Break & Game 3 review 3-330





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