The Pumpkin King: Ascendancy- Oct. 27 '19, Starting @ 10AM
The Story

After defeating the humans who tried desperately to close the dimensional portal last year, all has been quite in the countryside in Georgina, due in large part that no humans want to go near the areas controlled by demons and spirits. All has been quiet, until last week, Government agencies have notices the dimensional portal activity have started up again at a feverish pace!
It is feared that the Pumpkin King and his Minions are going to attempt to build their force and take over cities, towns and countries.

The Canadian Paranormal Force was formed to keep a close eye on the activities of the Pumpkin King. They will observe any actions and respond with force should the need arise. All indications are that the Pumpkin King will make this push days before Halloween. Stay tuned for more details!!

Hi Guys and Girls.
That's right!! The time of ghosts and ghouls fighting humans for supremacy is drawing near. The Pumpkin King ASCENDANCY, Georgina Panitball's annual Fall Big Game is Approaching, Join us October 27, 2019 to see who will rule the world Humans or the Evil Demons that have been slowly amassing in the forests of Georgina.

It is going to be a fun one. Don't ya Dare Miss It!!


  • Field Paint purchased from Georgina Paintball only. Players caught using paint other than field paint will be ejected from the game.

  • Marker- Markers must be chronoed to 280 FPS and under

  • All firing modes accepted and must be capped at 12.5 BPS

  • Masks must be certified paintball masks

  • Masks always stay on once on the field. If a player is found lifting or taking their mask off on the field they will have their players card punched. If they receive a second warning they will be ejected from the game.

  • Barrel bags must be on in the staging area

  • If test firing your marker be aware of your surroundings

  • No blind firing

  • If you hear 3 horn blasts or whistles stop shooting and put your barrel bag on.

  • Do not shoot or attempt to shoot any wildlife.

The Rules
  • Medics are identified by a white armband located below the colour band identifying their team

  • Medics can heal players if the player is shot in arms or legs

  • Head shots and centre mass are kill shots and cannot be healed. The player must move to the re-spawn area to reenter the game

  • If you are hit and more than 2 minutes has passed after calling for a medic consider yourself eliminated

  • If a medic is hit he cannot heal himself

Discounted Prices!
$35 Registration Fee (Rental is Free!!)
Paintballs Cost:
Bag of 500: $25
Case of 2000: $80

Field Paint Only - No Out side paint allowed

  • Melee weapons such as rubber knives, and foam swords are allowed. If an opponent touches you with one of these weapons, you are out

  • Barrel tags, count as an elimination

  • Mercy rule, you must be 10 feet or closer to yell Mercy. It is not mandatory for the player to take it

  • If a paintball hits you it must be at least a quarter size to count as a hit

  • Gun/hopper hits do not count - if shot anywhere other than the head or centre mass you can be healed by a medic.

  • If you are hit and more than 2 minutes has passed after calling for a medic consider yourself eliminated

  • If you are eliminated raise your hand, call yourself out and make your way back to your respective re-spawn area.

  • Dead players don't talk

Refs​ ​can​ ​call​ ​a​ ​player​ ​out​ ​at​ ​any​ ​time​ ​if:
  1. ​You are too close to the spawn

  2. Your Dead Man walking

  3. Wiping off a hit

  4. Shooting hot or if they feel your shooting past 12.5 BPS

Points & Objective

Throughout the day there will be several missions to earn points. Teams can earn points by completing assigned missions. Points will be tallied at the end of the day to determine a winner.



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