Raid Area 51 at Blackops Paintball


A Paintball Trip to Blackops Paintball (Quebec) organized by Deep Patel.

For whomsoever that doesn't know what and where Blackops Paintball is:

Blackops Paintball (formerly called BIGFOOT Paintball) is one of the Canada's largest Outdoor Paintball Fields located in Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Quebec. It has world's most spectacular terrain, unique scenarios for each map and breathtaking scenery.


It has been ranked the # 1 field in the world for the last 10 years.

Blackops paintball is now owned by Deep Patel, owner of Sgt. Splatters Paintball Paintball City and Georgina Paintball


$226 ($200+HST) per person(Depending we get at least 50 players)



  • Round-trip cost 

  • Entry plus 1 case of 2000 paintballs

  • Breakfast and Lunch on the event day

  • Camping Available

  • If you prefer not to camp, bring your camping gear, limited space to sleep inside of the base camp will be available

  • Showers, lockers as well as limited access to water and electricity available.

  • Prizes


More about the special event: Raid area 51


The Idea comes from all the fuss about those 4M people who want to raid Area 51 on Sept 20th in Nevada.


Registration will begin at 8:00am, the briefing will be held at 9:30am and game will begin ay 10:00am after the group picture is taken.


Evolutionary scenarios:

The goal achievement determines the following scenario ex:

* Takeover of communications

* Elements needed to make bombs

* Capture: scientists, engineers, hackers

* Discover special ammunition


3 games of 1: 15 minutes:

* 2 games in the morning

* 1 match in the afternoon

* 1 final confrontation in the city Armageddon (for those who want it)


V.I.P to Escort:

* Leader of the rebellion

* President of the US


2 teams:

* Civilians with a limited amount of Naruto (they will have early start)

* The American army


Role play / comedian:

  • People who play key roles: scientist, computer technician. These interact in the game without shooting paintballs. They will be an integral part of the scenarios and will be provided by BlackOps Paintball.


Trip Itinerary:


Sep 20th 2019, Friday: Bus departs from Paintball City to Blackops Paintball at 3pm. Approx. Arrival time 10pm/11pm depending upon traffic. 1 halt included.


Sep 21st 2019, Saturday: Event Day. Breakfast and lunch included. Bus departs back for Toronto at 6pm, right after the game ends.


FYI this is the first time a field from Toronto, Ontario is organizing a Paintball Trip for all its Paintball Lovers out to a different province just so they can have a once in a life time kind of experience.


Anyone that is interested please get yourself registered before it gets booked up.



Please text Deep at 905-716-9150 or Facebook DM him at Deep Patel to book


Looking forward to having as many of you as we can to add on to the blast!


This is an event and an opportunity you don't want to miss, follow BlackOps on Facebook for daily updates on the game (it will be available in English)


It will be epic, and unforgettable, Join King Deep in this adventure you absolutely don't want to miss.


You don't want to miss this !!

Saturday, September 21, 2019 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT



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